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Website Maintenance

Once made, websites need to maintained and updated on appropriate intervals. These intervals vary – from once a year for small organisations to several times in a day for news portals.

It is always a good idea if frequency of update is visualised well before the website is planned. If the updates are going to be limited to, say, from once a year to once in two-three months, basic HTML technology will be appropriate. But if the website is going to be updated more frequently, it may be good idea to go in for a CMS based website, which the end-user may update himself.

Aadi Creations, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, regularly maintains websites of its clients. These updates range from just putting annual reports on the websites once in a year to very frequent changes in some of the websites. And in case clients ‘forget’ to send their update material, they are reminded to do so.

It also undertakes maintenance of websites designed by other parties.

For maintenance and updates, there are two plans: per page basis and annual maintenance contract (AMC). Please see the price list for our maintenance rates.